Alley House

Alley House, Mount Lebanon.


The Site:

A panoramic site overlooking the southern view of Alley, and the vast valley “Wadi” all the to the Seaview of khaldeh and Beirut Airport.  located at the pine grove sloped foothills of a secluded western tip of the Town of Alley. The site itself is shallow but long, running South to North axis, and right above a newly constructed boulevard.

The Program:

The two doors entry lobby, then the house gallery flanked with a curved stair to the upper private house floor, then the public area large living room with a fireplace overlooking the sea views, then the Dining room next to it served by the kitchen via a well-planned pantry.

Towards the end of the front gallery there is an elevator linking the floors together, then a family room with a large TV, with a screened porched area overlooking the City of Alley and the Wadi/ sea views. This Family room is directly linked to the house backyard/ pool area.  The visitor’s room is secluded private area towards the end of this Gallery.

The Front Stair by the gallery not only connects the floors but serves as a symbolic central light well feature to the house, due to the subtle location of windowpanes to its exterior wall.

The Upper floor connecting the Master Bedroom and the adjacent three Bedroom sweets (oriented to the Seaview) with the upper sitting area and a very small kitchenette or / Cedar Closet “depending on needs as option”. At the End of the Upper gallery there is a stair flight to the upper deck and sky room with a convenient service / bathroom area. And an outer shaded deck to enjoy the summer night sitting or stars watching.

The Lower Level of the house or basement is directly linked from the house by the central stairs or the Elevator. The Concept here is to take advantage of some natural light to onside where the Gym and possibly if needed a lap wool is located. Then to the other side a washing room and housekeeping room that are directly linked to the kitchen above. Furthermore, the Water Storage Tank, Mechanical Space for Boiler and related equipment, Electrical Room and house storage will be located.

The Design Concept:

A Mediterranean design approach with emphasis on natural sunlight, sun and prevailing wind Orientation (specially to the kitchen area). High Ceiling and openness in the plan reflecting the home living of all the family members irrespective to their individual activities. spatial interrelation between the public and private is well maintained without infringing on privacy. The House architectural language comprises the Mount Lebanon ubiquitous red tile / stone accent with introduction to subtle slanted zinc roof where the skylight will be located. The outdoors trellises and ownings are not only to protect the house from direct sun but to add more texture to the house geometry and its architectural language Tuscany style.  The outdoors landscaped Terraces and horticulture strengthen the architectural language adaptation.