Marota M84 M85

Marotta M84/M85 Housing Project, Damascus Urban Renewal; two 14 stories towers, comprising of 4 underground parking, retail ground floor, offices at the first floor and 11 stories, 117 residential units (2,3 and 4 Bedrooms). Mixed Use and Housing complex. 2019- 2021


436 Brasilia Place located in Baabda, Lebanon. A 5 stories intertwined residential project comprising of 38 dwelling units ( 2, 3, and  4 / duplexes apartments), with three levels for tenants parking. 


Kuala Lumpur

Mardec Place, Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A High-Rise Mixed-Use Center Complex comprising of 3 towers 56, 42, and 28 stories towers, with 8 levels podium, and 2 basements dedicated for 1220 parking spaces. Ground levels and mezzanines for retail, and levels 2-6 for offices. The upper levels are dedicated for the 429 dwelling units (2,3 and 4 bedrooms apartments, and special duplexes at the top levels with private pools and terraces “vertical bungalows”. 


Jeanne Darc

231 Jeanne Darc , Ras Beirut. 14 Stories residential tower, with one unit per floor (three-bedroom apartment 255 m2 each), three parking underground dedicated for parking and building services.

 2012 – 2013

City views

2439 City Views, Sin El Fil, Beirut. 9 Stories residential Tower, with one 3 Bedroom Apartment per floor. Three Underground Levels dedicated for parking and building services. 



Qudsi Tower; located in the urban waterfront for the Latakia, Syria.

A 16 stories commercial, 680 m2 per floor/ offices spaces, to house the headquarter for the Syriatell communication company. 


Alley House

Alley House; a 850 m2 two levels villa located in Alley, Mount Lebanon.



Meshref.2 House, a 1200 m2 private villa located in Meshref, Lebanon.



TRDA House, a 975 m2 Villa located in the upscale Dhour Abadeih residential sector. 2018-2019.

HDAM Mechrif

HDAM, Meshref 1. House, a 1050 m2 private house located in the town of Meshref, Lebanon. 2014-2018.

ZMBM House

Zuhair Murad House; Located in the foothills of Beitmeri Village, Mount Lebanon. Comprises of a private villa 1100 m2, Guest house 275m2, staff house and a farmhouse in a camp like secluded pine grove setting site.

2012 – 2015.


JAWZAT House, a 1075 m2 three levels house located in the rural village sector of Abadeih. 



REMINE House, a 1200 m2 farmhouse located in the remine hill next to the Hiberieh village, in the Aarkoub zone south Lebanon.