The Site is located in the easter region of the Town of Baabda, Brasilia Section, very close proximity to the presidential palace. a parcel at a road cross-section with a lot area of 2607 m2. and about 12 km from the heart of the city Beirut,


An upscale Housing of a variety of units totaling 34 units, duplexes, four-, three- and two-bedroom apartments. with three underground parking levels for 68 car parking. And private caves or storages. Total built up area is 11,500 m2.


The Project is juxtaposed in four separate buildings, where each two buildings are vertically linked with alternating green terraces, marking the symbolic building entrances to each group. The Planning concept to the buildings are intertwined around a central green courtyard, as a focal social place to the project. Thus, creating a visual vivacity and affinity to the immediate environment as a contextual challenge.

The units comprised of two- and three-bedroom apartments with duplexes and roof terraces on the top level, thus forming 6 levels with garden apartments at the basement floors following the natural terrain of the site.

A formal building vocabulary approach with precise fenestration design rhythm, stone clad exteriors, syncopated with ubiquitous louvered grid, creating dynamic facades, that will evoke a timeless design, and a special experience “A Sense of Place”, and to provide a filtered light, privacy and quietness to the inside.

 Project completed in 2015.