Jawzat House


Located in the town of Abadeih, Mount Lebanon, the house is 15 km to the east of Beirut at an altitude of 650 m above sea level. A terraced site about 12,000 m2, with olive and vine groves. The landscape is closely tied to the house plan serving as a summer outdoors area; it contains a 450 years old oak tree, shading a major stone terraced platform as a summer outdoors living to this house.

The house consists of three levels: the basement extending to outdoors areas, the main level with two separate living quarters and visitors suite, kitchen and dining, a hallway/gallery with main stairs leading to the upper private floor, then a large terrace overlooking the Oak trees and vines. The upper floor consists of the main Master bedroom along with two other bedrooms connected via a large gallery and upper terrace that overlooks the field below. A Lookout room, accessible from the master bedroom for sight seeing and night stars watching, serves as an anchor tower to the house as well as a compositional pivot to the Mediterranean regional architectural character; The Architectural Language is similar to its predecessor the “Remine” house, with a Tuscany character flare.

The building material for the house consists of: all exterior double wall cladding with local natural rough-cut stones, contrasted with fine cut stone to certain areas. Curved vaulted roofs covered with zinc titanium tucked between hipped roofs covered with red tiles, along with cedar wood trellises for vines climbing over pathways, simulating the Lebanese village icons.