​Zuhair Murad's House


Zuhair Murad House “ZMBM”:

The House is located in the Beitmeri Town, Mount Lebanon, 8 kilometers to the northeast of the capital Beirut, on Pine Grove wooded hilly site, with a panoramic view overlooking the Mediterranean, Beirut city views and the main port.


A total renovation for the French Colonial style Villa that was in a very bad condition, with low small windows and low ceiling and dim interiors, a one floor level with a hip roof attic, along with a small cottage circa 1960.


The Main House has gone under complete overhaul of rejuvenation and renovation down to the bones. To bring in natural light from all sides including the roof, and to view the surrounding scenes from within, series of of large French doors with overhang pergolas, along with two large eyebrow windows on the upper level flanked with the main central stair articulated tower as a pivotal element the main villa.

The original planning layout for the house has been changed and enlarged to accommodate the client’s needs. The main studio/ studio, family room with intimate chimney, large living room with a library and large chimney, professional kitchen with a linear double loaded large pantry area to serve the formal dinning room, an outdoor kitchen for entertainment, and underground cellar accessible thru a stair next to the kitchen pantry has all been re-planned at ground floor.

The upper level was dedicated to the Master Bedrooms suites, private terraces, and a main upper family room, accessible by the elevator located at the main central hall, and or either the main central tower with skylight above or via an exterior stairs to the back of the villa.

Under ground Gym has been introduced with green grass top to serve as a front yard to the main house, with a large swimming pool and outdoor service bar. The Visitors house overlooking the pool and the main house with architectonics to fit house theme, has been totally revamped to accommodate large living dining space with a bedroom area.  The Staff house a new two level structure, and two carport has been added at the front gate to complete the whole planning estate.

The landscaped is themed to compliment the house design with lush landscaping and horticulture selection to survive next to the pine grove.


Owned by Zuhair Murad, world renowned Fashion Designer, and a celebrity who like to entertain international and local guests, wanted to develop the newly acquired real estate as a quite and comfortable place to experience, away from the city hassle. His love to nature and details quality, was the catalyst and ingredients for us as ”the architect” to seek a unique design concept, utilizing the Stone Clapboard as a reminder wood clapboard, double glazed wood windows and red roof tiles with Brass zinc roofs. The interiors, layers of “white on White”, reflect the serenity of the context, clarity and to sustain the rough Mediterranean climate.


Project Completed 2015